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pdf/2018_Desalination_Bucs-et-al.pdf  Bucs SS, Farhat N, Kruithof JC, Picioreanu C, van Loosdrecht MCM, Vrouwenvelder JS (2018) Review on strategies for biofouling mitigation in spiral wound membrane systems. Desalination, 434, 189-197.
       Schmidt I, Kreft J-U, Mackay R, Picioreanu C, Thullner M (2018) Elucidating the impact of micro-scale heterogeneous bacterial distribution on biodegradation. Advances in Water Resources, in press.
pdf/2018_ChemEngJ_4_Soler-et-al.pdf  Soler-Jofra A., Picioreanu C, Yu R, Chandran K, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Perez J (2018) Importance of hydroxylamine in abiotic N2O production during transient anoxia in planktonic axenic Nitrosomonas cultures. Chemical Engineering Journal, 335, 756-762.
pdf/2018_EnvironMicrobiol_Roggo-et-al  Roggo C, Picioreanu C, van Lintel H, van der Meer JR (2018) Quantitative chemical sensing by bacterial chemotaxis in microfluidic chips. Environmental Microbiology, 20(1), 241-258. 2018_Roggo_EnvMicrobiol


pdf/2017_BiotechnolBioeng_18_Sabba-et-al.pdf  Sabba F, Picioreanu C, Nerenberg R (2017) Mechanisms of Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Formation in Denitrifying Biofilms. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 114(12), 2753-2761.
pdf/2017_WaterResearch_13_Perez-Calleja-et-al.pdf  Perez-Calleja P, Aybar M, Picioreanu C, Esteban-Garcia AL, Martin KJ, Nerenberg R (2017) Periodic venting of MABR lumen allows high removal rates and high gas-transfer efficiencies. Water Research, 121, 349-360.
pdf/2016_WatSciTechnol_16_Sabba-et-al.pdf  Sabba F, Picioreanu C, Boltz JP, Nerenberg R (2017) Predicting N2O emissions from nitrifying and denitrifying biofilms: a modeling study. Water Science and Technology, 74(7), 530-538.
pdf/2016_JMemSci_4_Haaksman-et-al  Haaksman VA, Siddiqui A, Schellenberg C, Kidwell J, Vrouwenvelder JS, Picioreanu C (2017) Characterization of feed channel spacer performance using geometries obtained by X-ray computed tomography. Journal of Membrane Science, 552, 124-139.

Supplementary material: downloadable here.


pdf/2016_WaterResearch_12_Picioreanu-et-al  Picioreanu C, Pérez J, Van Loosdrecht MCM (2016) Impact of cell cluster size on apparent half-saturation coefficients for oxygen in nitrifying sludge and biofilms. Water Research, 106, 371-382.

Supplementary material: downloadable here.
pdf/2016_EnergyEnvironSci_1_Korth-et-al  Korth B, Maskow T, Picioreanu C, Harnisch F (2016) The microbial electrochemical Peltier heat: an energetic burden and engineering chance for primary microbial electrochemical technologies. Energy & Environmental Science, 9(8), 2473-2668.

Supplementary material: downloadable here.
pdf/2016_WaterResearch_11_Bucs-et-al  Bucs SS, Valladares R, Vrouwenvelder JS, Picioreanu C (2016) Biofouling in forward osmosis systems: An experimental and numerical study. Water Research, 106, 86-97.
pdf/2016_ISMEJ_1_Widder-et-al  Widder S et al. (2016) Challenges in microbial ecology: building predictive understanding of community function and dynamics. ISME Journal, 29 March 2016; doi: 10.1038/ismej.2016.45.
pdf/2016_WaterResearch_10_Siddiqui-et-al  Siddiqui A, Farhat N, Bucs SS, Valladares Linares R, Picioreanu C, Kruithof JC, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Kidwell J, Vrouwenvelder JS (2016) Development and characterization of 3D-printed feed spacers for spiral wound membrane systems. Water Research, 91, 55-67.

Supplementary material
: downloadable here.
pdf/2016_ChemEngJ_3_Soler-et-al.pdf  Soler-Jofra A, Stevens B, Hoekstra M, Picioreanu C, Sorokin D, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Pérez J (2016) Importance of abiotic hydroxylamine conversion on nitrous oxide emissions during nitritation of reject water. Chemical Engineering Journal, 287, 720-726.
pdf/2016_EnvTechnol_1_Corbala-et-al.pdf  Corbalá-Robles L, Picioreanu C, van Loosdrecht MCM, Pérez J (2016) Analysing the effects of the aeration pattern and residual ammonium concentration in a partial nitritation-anammox process . Environmental Technology, 37(6), 694-702.

Supplementary material: downloadable here.


pdf/2015_WaterResearch_9_Bucs-et-al.pdf  Bucs SS, Valladares Linares R, Marston JO, Radu AI, Vrouwenvelder JS, Picioreanu C (2015) Experimental and numerical characterization of the water flow in spacer-filled channels of spiral-wound membranes. Water Research, 87, 299-310.

Supplementary material: downloadable here.
pdf/2015_Bioelectrochemistry_3_Korth-et-al.pdf  Korth B, Rosa LFM, Harnisch F, Picioreanu C (2015) A framework for modeling electroactive biofilms performing direct electron transfer. Bioelectrochemistry, 106 (partA), 194-206.

Supplementary material: downloadable here.
pdf/2015_BiotechnolBioeng_17_Martin-et-al.pdf  Martin KJ, Picioreanu C, Nerenberg R (2015) Assessing Microbial Competition in a Hydrogen-Based Membrane Biofilm Reactor (MBfR) using Multidimensional Modeling. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 112(9), 1843-1853.

Supplementary material: downloadable here.
pdf/2015_PLOSCompBiol_1_Janulevicius-et-al.pdf  Janulevicius A, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Picioreanu C (2015) Short-range guiding can result in the formation of circular aggregates in myxobacteria populations. PLOS Computational Biology, 11(4), e1004213,  DOI:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1004213

Supplementary material: downloadable here (in construction).
pdf/2015_EnvSciTechnol_4_Sabba-et-al.pdf  Sabba F, Picioreanu C, Perez J, Nerenberg R (2015) Hydroxylamine diffusion can enhance N2O emissions in nitrifying biofilms: A modeling study . Environmental Science and Technology, 49(3), 1486-1494.

Supplementary material: downloadable here.
pdf/2015_Biofouling_2_Radu-et-al.pdf  http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/PYeIufNUIjc9bdDVGvUj/full  Radu AI, Bergwerff L, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Picioreanu C (2015) Combined biofouling and scaling in membrane feed channels: a new modeling approach. Biofouling, 31(1), 83-100.

Supplementary material: movie1, movie2, movie3.
pdf/2015_Bioelectrochemistry_2_Fischer-et-al.pdf  Fischer KM, Batstone DJ, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Picioreanu C (2015) A mathematical model for electrochemically active filamentous sulfide-oxidising bacteria. Bioelectrochemistry, 102, 10-20.



pdf/1999_PhDThesis_Picioreanu.pdf    Radu A.I. 2014. Modeling fouling in spiral wound membrane systems. PhD Thesis (10 June 2014), Department of Biotechnology, TU Delft. ISBN 978-94-6259-229-2.

Supplementary material downloadable here (under construction).
pdf/1999_PhDThesis_Picioreanu.pdf   Ilie O. 2014. A numerical study of dental plaque and caries formation. PhD Thesis (28 April 2014), Department of Biotechnology, TU Delft.

Supplementary material downloadable here (under construction).
pdf/1999_PhDThesis_Picioreanu.pdf   Janulevicius A. 2014. Computational modelling of pattern formation by myxobacteria. PhD Thesis (15 January 2014), Department of Biotechnology, TU Delft. ISBN 978-94-6259-034-2.

Supplementary material downloadable here (under construction).
pdf/2014_WatSciTechnol_15_Munoz-et-al.pdf  Munoz Sierra JD, Picioreanu C, Van Loosdrecht MCM (2014) Modeling phototrophic biofilms in a plug-flow reactor. Water Science and Technology, 70(7), 1261-1270.

Supplementary material: downloadable  here

pdf/2014_WaterResearch_8_Perez-et-al.pdf  Perez J, Lotti T, Kleerebezem R, Picioreanu C, Van Loosdrecht MCM (2014) Outcompeting nitrite-oxidizing bacteria in single-stage nitrogen removal in sewage treatment plants: A model-based study. Water Research, 66, 208-218.
pdf/2014_BiophysJ_3_Storck-et-al.pdf  Radu AI, Van Steen MSH, Vrouwenvelder JS, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Picioreanu C (2014) Spacer geometry and particle deposition in spiral wound membrane feed channels. Water Research, 64, 160-176.

Supplementary material: TableS1, FigureS1, FigureS2.
2014_BiotechnolBioeng_16_Kagawa-et-al.pdf  Kagawa Y, Tahata J, Kishida N, Matsumoto S, Picioreanu C, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Tsuneda S (2014) Modeling the nutrient removal process in aerobic granular sludge system by coupling the reactor- and granule-scale models. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 112(1), 53-64.

Supplementary material: Data-S1, Fig-S1, Fig-S2, Tab-S1, Tab-S1a, Tab-S2-S5, Video-S1

pdf/2014_BiophysJ_3_Storck-et-al.pdf  Storck T, Picioreanu C, Virdis B, Batstone DJ (2014) Variable cell morphology approach for individual-based modeling of microbial communities. Biophysical Journal, 106(9), 2037-2048.

Supplementary material: methods, movie1, movie2, movie3, movie4, movie5, movie6, movie7, movie8, movie9, movie10, movie11.
pdf/2014_ScientificReports_1_Celler-et-al.pdf  Celler K, Hödl I, Simone A, Battin TJ, Picioreanu C (2014) A mass-spring model unveils the morphogenesis of phototrophic Diatoma biofilms. Scientific Reports, 4, 3649-3655.

Supplementary material: methods, movie1, movie2.
pdf/2014_ChemEngJ_2_Radu-et-al.pdf  Radu AI, Bergwerff L, van Loosdrecht MCM, Picioreanu C (2014) A two-dimensional mechanistic model for scaling in spiral wound membrane systems. Chemical Engineering Journal, 241, 77-91.

Supplementary materialmovie1, movie2
pdf\2014_CariesResearch_1_Ilie-et-al.pdf  Ilie O, van Turnhout AG, van Loosdrecht MCM, Picioreanu C (2014) Numerical modelling of tooth enamel subsurface lesion formation induced by dental plaque. Caries Research, 48, 73-89.

Supplementary material: movie1, movie2
pdf/2014_Desalination_1_Bucs-et-al.pdf  Bucs S, Radu AI, Lavric V, Vrouwenvelder JS, Picioreanu C (2014) Effect of different commercial feed spacers on biofouling of reverse osmosis membrane systems: a numerical study. Desalination, 343, 26-37. 2014_Bucs_Desalination
  Mozumder SI, Picioreanu C, van Loosdrecht MCM, Volcke EIP (2014) Effect of heterotrophic growth on autotrophic nitrogen removal in a granular sludge reactor. Environmental Technology, 35(8), 1027-1037. 2014_Mozumder_EnvTechnology
pdf/2013_WaterResearch_6_Ofiteru-et-al_inpress.pdf  Ofiţeru ID, Bellucci M, Picioreanu C, Lavric V, Curtis TP (2014) Multi-scale modelling of bioreactor-separator system for wastewater treatment with two-dimensional activated sludge floc dynamics. Water Research, 50, 382-395. 2013_Ofiteru_WaterResearch


pdf/2013_WaterResearch_5_Martin-et-al_inpress.pdf  Bottero S, Storck T, Heimovaara TJ, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Enzien MV, Picioreanu C (2013) Biofilm development and the dynamics of preferential flow paths in porous media. Biofouling , 29(9), 1069-1086.

Supplementary material: movie1, movie2, movie3, movie4
pdf/2013_WaterResearch_5_Martin-et-al_inpress.pdf  Martin KJ, Picioreanu C, Nerenberg R (2013) Multidimensional modeling of biofilm development and fluid dynamics in a hydrogen-based, membrane biofilm reactor (MBfR). Water Research, 47, 4739-4751.
Supplementary material: movie


pdf/2012_FrontiersMicrobiol_1_Kampschreur-et-al.pdf  Kampschreur MJ, Kleerebezem R, Picioreanu C, Bakken L, Bergaust L, de Vries S, Jetten MS, van Loosdrecht MCM (2012) Metabolic modeling of denitrification in Agrobacterium tumefaciens: a tool to study inhibiting and activating compounds for the denitrification pathway. Frontiers in Microbiology, 3:370.
pdf/2012_AntVanLeeuwenhoek_2_Celler-et-al.pdf  Celler K, Picioreanu C, van Loosdrecht MCM, van Wezel GP (2012) Structured morphological modeling as a framework for rational strain design of Streptomyces species. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, 102 (3), 409-423.
pdf/2012_JTheorBiol_1_Ilie-et-al.pdf  Ilie O, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Picioreanu C (2012) Mathematical modelling of tooth demineralisation and pH profiles in dental plaque. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 309, 159-175.
pdf/2012_WatSciTechnol_14_VanLoosdrecht-et-al.pdf  Van Loosdrecht MCM, Bereschenko L, Radu A, Kruithof JC, Picioreanu C, Johns ML, Vrouwenvelder HS (2012) New approaches to characterizing and understanding biofouling of spiral wound membrane systems. Water Science and Technology 66 (1), 88-94.
pdf/2012_BiotechnolBioeng_15_Volcke-et-al.pdf  Volcke EIP, Picioreanu C, De Baets B, Van Loosdrecht MCM (2012) The granule size distribution in an anammox-based granular sludge reactor affects the conversion-implications for modeling. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 109 (7), 1629-1636.
pdf/2012_BiophysJ_2_Taherzadeh-et-al.pdf  Taherzadeh D, Picioreanu C, Horn H (2012) Mass transfer enhancement in moving biofilm structures. Biophysical Journal 102, 1483–1492.
Supplementary material: file1, file2, file3, movie
pdf/2012_ChemEngJ_1_Radu-et-al.pdf  Radu AI, Vrouwenvelder JS, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Picioreanu C (2012) Effect of flow velocity, substrate concentration and hydraulic cleaning on biofouling of reverse osmosis feed channels. Chemical Engineering Journal 188, 30-39.
pdf/2012_BiotechnolBioeng_14_Pintelon-et-al.pdf  Pintelon TRR, Picioreanu C, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Johns ML (2012) The effect of biofilm permeability on bio-clogging of porous media. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 109 (4), 1031-1042. pdf/2012_BiotechnolBioeng_14_Pintelon-et-al.pdf


pdf/2011_Schmidt_DistribSysRealTime11.pdf  Schmidt SI, Picioreanu C, Craenen B, Mackay R, Kreft J-U, Theodoropoulos G (2011) A multi-scale agent-based distributed simulation framework for groundwater pollution management. Proceedings - IEEE International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real-Time Applications, pp. 18-27.
pdf/2011_DesalWatTreatm_1_Radu-et-al.pdf  Radu AI, Vrouwenvelder JS, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Picioreanu C (2011) Biofouling in membrane devices treating water with different salinities: a modeling study. Desalination and Water Treatment, 34 (1-3), 284-289.
pdf/2011_EnvironMicrobiol_3_Lardon-et-al.pdf  Lardon LA, Merkey BV, Martins S, Dötsch A, Picioreanu C, Kreft JU, Smets BF (2011) iDynoMiCS: next-generation individual-based modelling of biofilms. Environmental Microbiology, 13 (9), 2416-2434.
pdf/2011_EnvironMicrobiol_3_Lardon-et-al.pdf  Oilghux (Ofiteru) ID, Bellucci M, Lavric V, Picioreanu C, Curtis TP (2011) Multi-scale modeling of activated sludge floc structure formation in wastewater bioreactors. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 29, 96-100.
pdf/2011_BioresourceTechnol_1_Katuri-et-al.pdf  Katuri KP, Scott K, Head IM, Picioreanu C, Curtis TP (2011) Microbial fuel cells meet with external resistance. Bioresource Technology, 102 (3), 2758-2766. pdf/2011_BioresourceTechnol_1_Katuri-et-al.pdf


pdf/2010_BiophysicalJournal_1_Janulevicius-et-al.pdf  Janulevicius A, van Loosdrecht MCM, Simone A, Picioreanu C (2010) Cell flexibility affects the alignment of model myxobacteria. Biophysical Journal, 99, 3129-3138.

pdf/2010_JMemSci_3_Radu-et-al.pdf  Radu AI, Vrouwenvelder JS, van Loosdrecht MCM, Picioreanu C
(2010) Modeling the effect of biofilm formation on reverse osmosis performance: flux, feed channel pressure drop and solute passage. Journal of Membrane Science, 365 (1-2), 1-15.
pdf/2010_SPE_Bottero-et-al.pdf  Bottero S, Picioreanu C, Enzien M, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Bruining H, Heimovaara T (2010) Formation damage and impact on gas flow caused by biofilms growing within proppant packing used in hydraulic fracturing. Proceedings - SPE International Symposium on Formation Damage Control 2, pp. 862-869.
pdf/2010_EnvironTechnol_Volcke-et-al.pdf  Volcke EIP, Picioreanu C, De Baets B, Van Loosdrecht MCM (2010) Effect of granule size on autotrophic nitrogen removal in a granular sludge reactor. Environmental Technology, 31 (11), 1271-1280.

pdf/2010_BiotechnolBioeng_13_Olivera-Nappa-et-al.pdf  Olivera-Nappa A, Picioreanu C, Asenjo JA (2010) Non-homogeneous biofilm modeling applied to bioleaching processes. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 106, 660-676.

pdf/2010_Bioelectrochemistry_1_Picioreanu-et-al.pdf  Picioreanu C, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Curtis TP, Scott K (2010) Model based evaluation of the effect of pH and electrode geometry on microbial fuel cell performance. Bioelectrochemistry, 78 (1), 8-24.
pdf/2010_ApplMicrobiolBiotechnol_VanderStar-et-al.pdf  Van der Star WRL, Dijkema C, De Waard P, Picioreanu C, Strous M, Van Loosdrecht MCM (2010) An intracellular pH gradient in the anammox bacterium Kuenenia stuttgartiensis as evaluated by 31P NMR. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 86, 311-317. images/2009_VanDerStar_ApplMicrobiolBiotechnol.jpg
pdf/2010_JMemSci_2_Vrouwenvelder-et-al.pdf  Vrouwenvelder JS, Picioreanu C, Kruithof JC, Van Loosdrecht MCM  (2010) Biofouling in spiral wound membrane systems: Three-dimensional CFD model based evaluation of experimental data. Journal of Membrane Science, 346, 71-85. images/2010_Vrouwenvelder_JMemSci.jpg
pdf/2010_BiotechnolBioeng_12_Taherzadeh-et-al.pdf  Taherzadeh D, Picioreanu C, Küttler U, Simone A, Wall WA, Horn H (2010) Computational Study of the Drag and Oscillatory Movement of Biofilm Streamers in Fast Flows. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 105 (3), 600-610. images/2009_Taherzadeh_BiotechnolBioeng.jpg
pdf/2010_JApplElectrochem_Picioreanu-et-al.pdf  Picioreanu C, Katuri KP, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Head IM, Scott K (2010) Modelling microbial fuel cells with suspended cells and added electron transfer mediator. Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 40, 151-162. images/2009_Picioreanu_JApplElectrochem.jpg
pdf/2009_EnvironMicrobiol_2_Matsumoto-et-al.pdf  Matsumoto S, Katoku M, Saeki G, Terada A, Aoi Y, Tsuneda S, Picioreanu C, Van Loosdrecht MCM (2010) Microbial community structure in autotrophic nitrifying granules characterized by experimental and simulation analyses. Environmental Microbiology, 12 (1), 192-206. images/2009_Matsumoto_EnvironMicrobiol.jpg


pdf/2009_JMemSci_1_Picioreanu-et-al.pdf  Picioreanu C, Vrouwenvelder JS, Van Loosdrecht MCM (2009) Three-dimensional modeling of biofouling and fluid dynamics in feed spacer. Journal of Membrane Science, 345, 340-354. pdf/2009_JMemSci_1_Picioreanu-et-al.pdf
file:///D:/WebPagesBiofilm/pdf/2009_AIChEJ_2_Schulenburg-et-al.pdf  Graf von der Schulenburg DA, Pintelon TR, Picioreanu C, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Johns ML (2009) Three-dimensional simulations of biofilm growth in porous media. AIChE Journal, 55(2), 494-504.


pdf/2008_ApplEnvMicrobiol_2_VanDerStar-et-al.pdf  Van der Star WRL, Van der Graaf MJ, Kartal B, Picioreanu C, Jetten MSM, Van Loosdrecht MCM (2008) Response of anammox bacteria to hydroxylamine. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 74(14), 4417-4426.
pdf/2008_BiotechnolBioeng_VanDerStar-et-al.pdf  Van der Star WRL, Miclea AI, Van Dongen UGJM, Muyzer G, Picioreanu C, Van Loosdrecht MCM (2008) The Membrane Bioreactor: A Novel Tool to Grow Anammox Bacteria as Free Cells. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 101(2), 286-294 images/2008_VanDerStar_BiotechnolBioeng.jpg
pdf/2008_WatSciTechnol_13_Picioreanu-et-al.pdf  Picioreanu C, Katuri KP, Head IM, van Loosdrecht MCM, Scott K (2008) Mathematical model for microbial fuel cells with anodic biofilms and anaerobic digestion. Water Science and Technology, 57(7):965-971.  SUPPORT MATERIAL
pdf/2008_EnvSciTechnol_3_Kampschreur-et-al.pdf  Kampschreur M, Tan NCG, Kleerebezem R, Picioreanu C, Jetten MSM, Van Loosdrecht MCM (2008) Effect of dynamic process conditions on nitrogen oxides emission from a nitrifying cultureEnvironmental Science and Technology, 42(2):429–435.


pdf/2007_EnvSciTechnol_2_Xavier-et-al.pdf  Xavier JB, de Kreuk MK, Picioreanu C, van Loosdrecht MCM (2007) Multi-scale individual-based model of microbial and bioconversion dynamics in aerobic granular sludge. Environmental Science and Technology, 41(18):6410-6417.
pdf/2007_WaterResearch_3_Picioreanu-et-al.pdf  Picioreanu C, Head IM, Katuri KP, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Scott K (2007)  A computational model for biofilm-based microbial fuel cells.
Water Research, 41(13):2921-2940.
pdf/2007_WatSciTechnol_12_Matsumoto-et-al.pdf  Matsumoto S, Terada A, Aoi Y, Tsuneda S, Alpkvist E, Picioreanu C, Van Loosdrecht MCM (2007) Experimental and simulation analysis of community structure of nitrifying bacteria in a membrane-aerated biofilm. Water Science and Technology, 55(8-9):283-290.  2007_Matsumoto_WatSciTechnol.jpg
pdf/2007_WatSciTechnol_11_Picioreanu-et-al.pdf  Picioreanu C, Kreft J-U, Klausen M, Haagensen JAJ, Tolker-Nielsen T, Molin S (2007) Microbial motility involvement in biofilm structure formation - a 3-d modelling study. Water Science and Technology, 55(8-9):337-343. SUPPORT MATERIAL images/2007_Picioreanu_WatSciTechnol.jpg
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2006_WaterResearch_2_Batstone-et-al.pdf  Batstone DJ, Picioreanu C, Van Loosdrecht MCM (2006)
Multidimensional modelling to investigate interspecies hydrogen transfer in anaerobic biofilms. Water Research, 40:3099-3108.

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pdf/2006_Book_IWA-STR18_Wanner-et-al.pdf IWA Task Group on Biofilm Modeling (2006) Mathematical Modeling of Biofilms. IWA Scientific and Technical Report No.18, IWA Publishing, ISBN 1843390876.
The correct list of authors is:
Wanner O, Eberl HJ, Morgenroth E, Noguera D, Picioreanu C, Rittmann BE, Van Loosdrecht MCM


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