TU Delft
Advanced Biofilm Course, 12th edition, 9-14 October 2017, Helsingør, Denmark

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During biofilm development, a large number of phenomena occur simultaneously and interact over a large range of length and time scales. As a result of nutrient conversions, the biofilm expands based on bacterial growth and production of extracellular polymers. Chemical species need to be continuously transported to and from the biofilm system by physical processes such as molecular diffusion and convection. Fluid flow drives biofilm growth by regulating the concentrations of available substrates and products. On the other hand, the flow also shears the biofilm surface, and determines biofilm detachment processes. All these linked phenomena create a dynamic picture of the biofilm three-dimensional structure. Mathematical models can prove useful because they allow testing of hypothesis and, in addition, can direct experimental efforts to complex regions of operation that can easily confound the general intuition. Publications and support material including additional figures and animations are available here

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